Reset Your Health!

Your body is a miracle, it's born to heal you just need the tools to do it

5 star rating

This course is life changing!

Karen Gray

What a load of information that I learned in just two weeks! For the past three years I have been reading about fasting, as well as doing fasts and keto di...

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What a load of information that I learned in just two weeks! For the past three years I have been reading about fasting, as well as doing fasts and keto diets, etc. I thought I knew it all when it comes to fasts, but I learned so many new life changing concepts that will boost my health forever! Thank you, thank you, Dr. Mindy!

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5 star rating

Great Information for All Women

Janet Gresh

There is so much in here that I wish I had known before having children and reaching menopause. There is so much in here that I want my teenage daughter, nei...

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There is so much in here that I wish I had known before having children and reaching menopause. There is so much in here that I want my teenage daughter, neices and any woman I love and care about to know. Dr. Mindy does a beautiful presentation and explanation of how to take care of me and not guess. I will be listening to and referring to many, many times. Thank-you Dr. Mindy.

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Welcome to Reset Academy

Reset Academy

Welcome to Dr. Mindy's exclusive membership group! 

We are extremely excited to offer you this program. If you are looking for group health coaching, cutting edge nutrition information and a positive, supportive community then this academy is for you.

 The Reset Academy has many unique tools available only to our members. Not only will you have access to the ever-expanding Reset Master Class library, but you will get to learn directly from Dr. Mindy. Her monthly interactive live coaching classes are only offered here.

This Academy is designed to empower you by taking your learning to a deeper level and giving you proven ways to reset your health.

The Reset Academy Includes

  • Monthly Live Coaching Class

    Get your burning questions answered by Dr. Mindy in live Zoom Q+A group coaching calls. Held twice a month one at noon and the other at 5 pm PDT. Can’t make it live? No worries! All classes are recorded, summarized, and questions can be submitted before hand.

  • 14 Transformative Courses

    Access exclusive resources with simplicity. Organized in an easy-to-follow structure, these courses, which are not on YouTube, take you step-by-step through Resets, workouts, and more. All designed to help you create a lasting lifestyle of health!

  • Support

    The Reset Academy team is here to help Monday-Friday via email, and on the live group coaching calls. We’ve got you covered if you need help navigating, have general questions, or are looking for a little extra guidance.

  • Reset Toolbox

    All the tools you need curated for you to easily access in one place. Cookbooks, cheatsheets, eBooks, PDF’s and infographics, ready to support your Reset goals.

  • Community

    No more fasting alone. This is a more intimate environment than Dr. Mindy’s social media platforms, providing you a way to connect with other committed Resetters. Themed community sections, discussion tabs on each lesson, and a members-only Fast Training Week.

  • Research Library

    Indexed library of published and vetted studies supporting Dr. Mindy's Reset protocols and recommendations.

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Resetter Testimonials

I'm loving this whole reset!

by Katherine Salter

I'm loving this whole reset both in terms of how my body is responding and because of the overall learning experience. What a wealth of critical information! Thanks so much to you and your team.

Finally understanding my body

Siobhan D.

I have learned so much in the two months that I have been a member and I'm so excited to be finally, at 48 years old, understanding my body and getting it to work the way it was meant to!

Thank you for this Reset!

by Andrea Pace

Super happy! This was just what I needed to not listen to that belly grumble! This morning I felt great! I joined the reset to help with some structural concerns and pain in my body... plus some inflammation in my joints. I’m feeling so much better! The morning after my water fast, my ketones were 4.1 and BS 66! Definitely in ketosis and healing my body! Thank you for this Reset.

My questions are answered

by Frances Stein

I have learned so much in a short amount of time. My gut has been a mess for a long time, I've been working to "fix" it pretty diligently since Dec 2018. I've made the most progress the past 10 days with the ketobiotic and the cycling! I ate the same things day in and out and developed many food allergies/intolerance. This Reset has helped to heal that. Thank you to all of you for your time and heartfelt desire to share your knowledge.

I found this to be so helpful and valuable

by Andrea Sokol

Mindy, thank you sooo much for sharing all of the foods for each segment of the reset! I found this to be so helpful and valuable. It really helped to make each section easier and stress free. In the past I had found FM to be very stressful, but knowing and seeing what was available to me, made the stress disappear and FM was now seamless. I discovered on this journey that I really like sauerkraut, kombucha and hemp seeds! Ketobiotic is so fun and interesting now. I have so many new tools in my toolbox and can't wait to share them. Andrea's mindset call was the perfect ending to a great week! The support of all the women on the calls and discussions has been invaluable. I feel great and now have an extensive game plan to reset on with!

Improve with each fast

Kenneth V.

I did learn a mountain of knowledge and my results seem to improve each time I fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Reset Academy?

    The Reset Academy is an online learning center, where you will receive the most current information on topics like ketogenic diet, fasting, diet variation and how to reset your microbiome. This academy was created to give you the informational tools needed to take back control of your health. In the academy there are multiple master classes, resource list and once a month Dr. Mindy will do a live coaching class. Each class will last 1 to 2 hours where Dr. Mindy will teach a new concept and be available for questions. Our goal is to empower you to have a lifetime of wellness.

  • Is the yearly membership the only option?


  • Are we able to cancel the yearly monthly membership plan if we do not see that it fits our expectations?

    The yearly plan has a refund after the first month if you are not satisfied and offers a 30% discount of the month to month.

  • Are we committed to the complete year, if we do the monthly payment option?

    If you were to scroll down you will see a month to month option at $38 per month.

  • What should I expect upon signing up?

    If you have selected to pay for the year, the full payment will be deducted at time of purchase. As you approach the end of your year in the Academy, we send out an email reminding you that you will be charged again unless you let us know you have gotten everything you need and are ready to leave. If you select the monthly option, this payment begins on day of purchase, and your card will be automatically charged on the same day every month.

  • How do I cancel?

    If you'd like to leave the Reset Academy, please email us at

  • What is the refund policy for the yearly membership?

    If you are not satisfied in the first 30 days, the yearly plan can be refunded during the first month. If you would like to cancel your membership after that, it is non-refundable. We will set it up to not auto-renew, and you will still have access for the rest of your year.

  • How do I get my health questions answered?

    The Reset Team is here to give you personalized support! You can post within the Academy, on the private Facebook group, or you can email We strive to answer all questions within 24 hours Monday-Friday

  • How do I join the members-only Reset Academy Facebook group?

    When you join the academy, we automatically send an invite to the email you used to sign up. If that is not the same email you use for Facebook, please send your preferred email to