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Excellent tips and education

Debbie Hobel

With this knowedge and encouragement...cannot fail! Thank you.

With this knowedge and encouragement...cannot fail! Thank you.

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Very clear explanations

nancy borden

good amount of material

good amount of material

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21-Day Ketobiotic Reset Includes

  • The basics of fasting and what type of fasting is right for you
  • Learn to feed your gut bacteria to speed up your metabolism
  • Discover and share creative yummy recipes
  • Understand why feast days are key to losing weight
  • Master your ketone and blood sugar readings
  • Create a Ketobiotic lifestyle that keeps you healthy for years to come
  • Learn how to keep your food fun, tasty and healthy

Success Stories from Resetters...

13 lbs. lighter!


I am 13 lbs lighter! No more hot flashes, arthritis pain, gastrointestinal issues! Hello higher energy, clearer skin and clothing I haven't been able to fit into until recently.

Feeling amazing!


Absolutely plan to stay in this eating program. Why would I want to go from feeling amazing all day, not feeling hungry, cravings gone, weight dropping, sleeping wonderful back to being hungry all the time, craving sweets, feeling tired, overweight. No thanks I like living in this new body.

I love my loose clothes!


I love my loose clothes, I love fitting into jeans I had stuffed in the back of my closet and more importantly, I love the feeling. Nothing taste as good as feeling good.

21- Day Ketobiotic Reset Course

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • A Message from Dr. Mindy

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • What You Need Before You Start

    • Guide Downloads

    • Get Into Action

  • 3

    21-Day Ketobiotic Basics

    • Basic Biotic Foods

    • Good Fats

    • 21-Day Action Steps

  • 4

    Understanding Your Ketobiotic Journey

    • Why You Need a Ketone Reader and What then Numbers Mean

    • Blood Sugar & Ketone Tracking Sheet

    • How to Interpret Your Ketone and Blood Sugar Readings

    • Food Macros, Blood Sugar and Ketones

  • 5

    Keeping Your Food Fun

    • Guidelines for Eating Out and Keeping Your Food Fun

    • The Basics of Eating Out

    • How to Avoid the Food Boredom Trap

  • 6

    Day 21 - Feast Day

    • Feast Day!

    • Feast Day Foods and Common Questions

    • Feast Day Action Steps

    • 21-Day Ketobiotic Reset Protocol

  • 7

    I Finished the 21 Day Reset, Now What?

    • Continuing the Ketobiotic Lifestyle

    • Steps to Help if Your Stuck and Not Getting the Results You Want



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