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The Ketobiotic Woman

You live in an incredibly powerful body!

Yet a woman’s body is complex and has different nutritional needs than a man’s body does.

In the past few years, the ketogenic lifestyle has become the go-to diet for anyone wanting limitless energy, a faster metabolism, and better mental clarity.

Yet as miraculous as this style of eating is, as women we need to approach it differently.

There are times during our monthly cycle that we should fast, and there are times we shouldn’t. Lowering carbs is great at the beginning of our cycle, but around day 14 we need to start increasing our carbs and eat specific foods that balance our hormones.

That’s why I developed the Ketobiotic Reset for women. You eat and fast according to where you are in your cycle.

Resetter Testimonials

Great course!

by Darcy Alexander

Thank you so much for this new course! There is so much great information in here, and it's laid out in a very systematic and easy to follow format. So grateful for all of the information you provide, thank you, thank you!!

The Ketobiotic Woman Course

  • 1


    • A message from Dr. Mindy

  • 2

    Let's Get Started

    • Things You Will Need for This Reset

    • Here's the Guide

  • 3

    Fasting and Keto According to Your Cycle

    • How to Eat According to Your Cycle

    • When Can I Fast in My Cycle

    • How to track your cycle

  • 4

    Let's talk about Estrogen

    • Estrogen

    • Estrogen Disruptors

    • Estrogen Building Foods

  • 5

    Let's talk about Progesterone

    • Progesterone

    • Progesterone Building Foods

  • 6

    The Stages of Menopause

    • The Stages of Menopause

  • 7

    Balancing Hormones

    • How Our Hormonal System Works

    • Supplements for Balancing Hormones

    • The Role of Detoxing in Hormone Balance



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