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The Forever Young Reset

January 13th - January 31st

If you’ve been loving Dr. Mindy’s Youtube Videos these past few months, this is where you will find the information come to life.

Slow aging down and bring health to the deepest level possible.

Understand the science behind a fasting lifestyle, and how to repair your body at the cellular level.

In 19 Days Learn How You Can....

  • Lower inflammation and risks of developing “age-related” diseases.

  • Improve memory and protect against Alzheimers and dementia.

  • How to prevent muscle loss as you age and maintain joint strength and mobility.

  • How to keep your skin younger and glowing.

  • Burn fat and reboot your metabolism.

Please note that by purchasing, you acknowledge that there are no refunds or transfers available for the course, Forever Young Reset.

The Forever Young Reset Includes

  • Day-By-Day Details

    Every day is clearly laid out in easy-to-follow lessons. Learn about the 7 Fasts, 3 Feasts and how to cycle them to reach your specific goals. No guesswork here, whether you are a beginner just getting started, or a pro looking to break a stall.

  • 50 Page eBook

    Your definitive guide to print and keep forever. 19 days detailed from start to finish with visual tools, calendar, written explanations, shopping list, worksheets, and more. All in Dr. Mindy signature “info square” style.

  • Exclusive Videos

    Watch a short video for each day, as well as in-depth videos of Dr. Mindy explaining all the pieces to a fasting lifestyle. See meal examples, hear about the scientific benefits of fasting over time, all organized in sequence in order to build your knowledge.

  • 3 Q&A Calls with Dr. Mindy

    Video chat with Dr. Mindy and your Forever Young cohort on Thursdays at noon PDT. Can’t make it live? No worries! All calls are recorded and posted within 24 hours, and you can submit your questions beforehand so you can still get answers from Dr. Mindy.

  • Optional Meal Plan and Recipes

    Let us count the macros for you! Shop and eat confidently with the meal plan and shopping guide. Snack list included.

  • Community Support and Guidance

    The Reset Team is here to help you with any questions you may have! Sequoia (Dr. Mindy’s husband), Cardinal, Debbie, Jessica and Rachel are all experts on keto, fasting, feasting, and beyond.

Testimonials from Dr. Mindy’s Age Reset

I feel 20 yrs younger!

C. Dub

OMAD made me feel 20 years younger for sure. It helped me lose 125 pounds at 40, and I feel young again

My skin is in great shape

Debbie H.

Recently I attended my 40th high school reunion. I am 58 years old and I heard this over and over "WOW, you look "bright"" My 24 year old son said to me the other day..."Mom, you look like a 40-year-old". Sweet comment. My skin is in great shape, thanks to fasting and eating healthy, clean, whole food & good fat.

This reset is awesome!

M Jose Delgado

This age setting series that you are doing is awesome. This first one on the process of rejuvenating was an eye opening. I am, as always, looking forward to watching the next one and the next. Thank you 😊 so grateful to you and how much sense you make and how my life is being transformed by your shared wisdom. Thank you ❤️

I feel fitter!

Anita B.

I am 39 and I am often estimated at 26. I have a son of 16 and people often think I am his sister. I also feel fitter, have lost 35 kilos

Reversed my type 2 diabetes

Sarah S.

Love listening to your videos. Learning a lot. And challenging members of the medical profession as far as I go. I have lost 25 kg of weight, reversed my type 2 diabetes and am off statins as my cholesterol is fine.

I have reached my goal weight

Pam C.

I have reached my goal weight and I eat keto and do IF. I have gotten rid of stomach issues, I no longer take Nexium or antidepressants. I have also gotten rid of most of the pain from arthritis especially in knees and hips (I am a 60 yr old truck driver). Thanks so much for all the work you put in and all the great information you put out!😍

Less Hot Flashes

Beverley M.

Also want to mention that as a 64 yr old “hot-flash” sufferer... they are few and far between while fasting. Just another one of my reasons. Love it!

Better Concentration

Ed W.

A year ago I had serious difficulty concentrating, but NOW it is coming to me....I will be 60 in two months, and age tends to work against us.....but THIS video has confirmed what I have been thinking lately.... YOU are on the cutting edge of this research, and your videos are helping change lives....thank you VERY much

Learn How You Can....

  • Learn the tricks to living a pain free life.

  • Manage and even reverse metabolic diseases such as T2 diabetes

  • Control the neurotransmitters that calm you and create a joy-filled brain.

  • Balance hormones for all genders.

  • Support immune health so you get sick less often