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Forever Fat-Burner Reset

July 15th - 29th

Does fat loss feel IMPOSSIBLE?

Discover How My “Forever Fat-Burner Reset” Will Give You A ROARING Metabolism… And Help You Effortlessly
Burn Stubborn Tummy Fat… In Just 15 Days

  • Long-lasting fat loss
  • All-day energy and improve mental clarity
  • Balance hormones
  • Increase libido
  • Sleep deeper every night
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Did weight loss feel easier 10 or 20 years ago?

But now stubborn tummy fat stays put… No matter what diet or workout plan you follow?

If you feel frustrated and upset that nothing you try seems to make the slightest difference to your body…

Then you’re not alone. 

Because millions of women have been lied to by weight loss “experts” who all give the same advice – 

“Eat less and do more exercise!”

But that’s the WORST possible advice for a woman aged 35+.

See, eating less and doing more exercise lowers your metabolism… And brings fat loss to a screeching halt.

I’ll reveal exactly why this happens later on this page.

Plus, I’ll share the metabolism-boosting program I’ve used with thousands of women to burn stubborn fat from every inch of their beautiful bodies.

That’s right… Unlike other programs that lower your metabolism and lead to – 

  • Stalled weight loss…
  • Excessive fatigue…
  • Depressing weight rebounds…

My easy-to-follow plan reignites your fat-burning flames by BOOSTING your metabolism.

You could incinerate 5-10 pounds of stubborn fat in as little as 2 weeks 🔥

This might seem far-fetched… But I’ve got hundreds, if not thousands, of testimonials to prove my program works with women from every walk of life. 

So if you feel stuck in a rut and desperate to reset your body’s fat-burning furnace… 

I’ll tell you how you can join my life-changing program… 

And finally start moving closer to the body of your dreams – 

  • Enjoy toned arms, slender legs, a trim waist, and a firmer butt
  • Look gorgeous in all your favorite outfits
  • Feel more attractive as your partner can’t keep his eyes off you
  • Leap out of bed every morning brimming with energy
  • Love your reflection in the mirror 

… All without counting calories or performing endless crunches! 

More about my program in just a minute… 

But first, please allow me to introduce myself…

Hey! I’m Dr. Mindy And I’m An Expert In
Women’s Health And Fasting

In the last 20 years, I’ve helped over 100,000 women burn away the annoying fat they feared was a permanent feature on their bodies.

But unlike many “weight loss gurus”, I’ve always steered clear of outdated protocols that simply don’t work…

Or only provide short-term results.

Instead, I’ve developed easy-to-follow long-term fat-burning strategies using the power of fasting.

And in a short moment, I’ll tell you about a popular program that can melt stubborn fat and skyrocket your self-confidence.

Sadly, I’ve seen many women burst into tears
when talking about their weight loss struggles 😢

These devastated women have fought with their bodies for years… And now feel like their youth has slipped away.

Some tell saddening stories about catching their partner’s eyes wandering whenever a pretty and slim girl in her 20s is nearby…

Which instantly makes them feel unattractive and sick to their stomach.

Through the tears they tell me that despite all their hard efforts to burn fat and reset their bodies… Weight loss felt impossible.

But you know what really breaks my heart?

When many of these brave women feel like an inability to look after themselves means they can’t look after their families 💔

But I waste no time in setting the record straight –

I always remind these women that barring certain medical conditions…

Any woman can still burn fat off from every ‘problem area’ on her body. 

So Let Me Explain Why Fat Loss Feels Impossible…

Typically a woman’s metabolism slows down around age 35.

And since your metabolism is like the CEO of energy production ordering your cells to tap into your fat stores when you need additional fuel…

When your metabolic rate slows down…

Weight loss becomes an uphill struggle.

The moment most women notice their waistline expanding and their clothes feeling tighter they follow the advice of popular weight loss “experts”... 

And begin ‘eating less and exercising more’.


This is PROVEN to slow metabolism even FURTHER

For years, nutrition experts have spread the myth that weight loss is simply a matter of calories in vs. calories out.

My dear friend… This is the biggest lie you’ve ever been told.

And sadly, women all over the planet gobble up this piece of fiction like a delicious snack…

When the truth is, adopting this very practice makes weight loss even harder!

‘Eating less and exercising more’
LOWERS your “metabolic set point”

Your metabolic set point is the amount of energy your body needs per day to maintain your current bodyweight.

A higher metabolic set point means you require more energy each day… Which means your body effortlessly burns fat stores to keep energy levels topped up... And you stay slim.

But what the “experts” don’t realize is… Stress lowers your set point.

And since eating less and exercising more is a huge stress to the body…

Following these “expert” plans brings your set point crashing down.

As a result, your body doesn’t require as much energy each day… And stops burning your fat stores.

So in just a few weeks, fat loss comes to a standstill…

And because you now have a lower set point and require fewer calories to maintain your bodyweight…

You’ll experience a rapid weight rebound the second you return to normal eating.

Maybe you’ve tried counting calories yourself…

If so, how did it work for you?

Maybe you lost some weight

But let me guess… Did the pounds all come rushing back?

This is why counting calories is never a long-term option.

But what if there was a way you could burn fat 
WITHOUT lowering your metabolic set point?

This is where things get exciting…

Because although research has shown dieting can weaken your metabolism…

A study in the American Society for Clinical Nutrition revealed a 14% metabolism INCREASE in subjects following an intermittent fasting protocol.

So can you see why I believe fasting is hands-down the most effective way to get rid of your ‘squishy’ bits… And ensure the fat stays off for good?!

Now before you rush off and follow an intermittent fasting plan…

I should warn you that all the subjects in this study were men.

And when a woman attempts to copy male fasting guidelines… She runs a huge risk of failure.


Because male fasting programs don’t take into account the menstrual cycle’s influence on female hormones… 

Which play a critical role in weight loss.

Ignoring estrogen and progesterone balance could result in –

  • Crushing fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Intense cravings
  • Dry, puffy skin
  • Crazy high hunger levels 

But don’t panic…

Because after decades of researching female physiology… I’ve learned how to adapt fasting strategies so any woman can heal herself and achieve successful weight loss… Without any unpleasant side effects.

And if you want to discover how you can do the same…

Then please allow me to introduce my…

“Forever Fat-Burner Reset” 

Starting on July 15th 2024, I’m hosting a 15-day fat-burning program for women who are sick and tired of ineffective nutrition and exercise plans…

Failed weight loss attempts…

And feeling like their bodies will never change no matter how hard they try.

Finally, you’ll discover how to easily incinerate those jiggly pounds that have gatecrashed your beautiful body like an unwelcome guest to a party.

I reveal all of my most effective fasting strategies… And will show you EXACTLY how to adapt each one to maximize fat-burning.

Even if you’ve tried fasting before, you’re bound to discover something brand new that will make the experience more effective.

30-Day Fasting Reset

Between July 15th - 29th
I will 
help you lose weight and transform your figure

Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up –

  •  Detailed instructions for the full 15 days
  • Tips and tricks about adjusting fasting based on your unique body
  • Access to my 7 live and exclusive “Fasting Insider” calls
  • Membership to a supportive fasting community
  • Coaching from my experienced team of experts

My Forever Fat-Burner Reset
is MORE than just a fat loss program…

You’ll also discover how to:

  • Avoid the dreaded 10lb rebound that nearly always occurs once you finish a weight loss program
  • Flip the switch on your ‘fat-burner’ system so your body continues melting body fat long after you finish the program
  • Maintain sky-high energy and always be present for your kids and partner 
  • Strengthen your immune system so you don’t let others down by feeling sick and tired all the time
  • Boost your libido and return the spark the bedroom which can bring you and your partner closer together
  • Slow down the aging process to look younger and more youthful
  • Eliminate energy-sapping toxins from your body by enhancing your detoxification systems
  • Sleep deeper every night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to kick butt!

Unlike men’s fasting plans that don’t take female hormones into account…

I will coach you precisely on how to make fasting work for your incredible and unique body.

So during the 15-Day Forever Fat-Burner Reset, you’ll have an exclusive invitation to  7x “Fasting Insider” coaching calls where I lift the lid on fasting for fat loss…

And spill my secrets about how to surge your metabolism and fan the flames on your fat-burning furnace.

You'll have access to the Reset until August 5th.

Here’s the call schedule –


Thursday, November 2nd at 12pm PT: Kick-Off Navigation Call
  • Why fasting works for permanent weight loss

  • How to optimize the fat burner reset

  • Learn all of Dr. Mindy’s tips for starting the new year strong

Saturday, November 4th at 8am PT: Live HIIT Workout with Dr. Mindy
Thursday, November 9th at 12pm PT: Educational Call with Paige
  • How to fast around the Holidays
  • Holiday tips and tricks to stay in fat burning
  • Learn all of Paige’s tips for starting the new year strong

January 16th at 11:00 am PT: Weekly Call with Coaches - Onboarding/Orientation

January 18th at 10:00 am PT: Welcome Call - Onboarding/Orientation

January 22nd at 12:00 pm PT: Kick-Off Call

January 23rd at 11:00 am PT: Weekly Call with Coaches

January 29th at 11:00 am PT: Educational Call

January 30th at 11:00 am PT: Weekly Call with Coaches

February 1st at 12:00 pm PT: Live Q&A

February 5th at 12:00 pm PT: Wrap-Up Call

February 6th at 11:00 am PT: Weekly Call with Coaches

Saturday, November 11th at 8am PT: Live HIIT Workout with Dr. Mindy
Thursday, November 16th at 12pm PT: Q&A Call with Paige
  • Get all of your hormonal and fat burning questions answered by Paige
  • Live Q&A session!
Saturday, November 18th at 8am PT: Live HIIT Workout with Paige
Monday, November 20th at 2pm PT: Wrap-Up Q&A with Dr. Mindy
  • How to individualize your lifestyle for long-term weight loss
  • What to do if you still have symptoms or concerns!

This 15-day journey I’m going to take you on will empower you to change your life forever.

You’ll NEVER feel alone during
these 15 days

In between the “Fasting Insider” calls you’ll have direct access to my expert coaches…

PLUS a global community of supportive women.

So if you suffer from self-doubt…

Or you’re unsure about the best foods to eat when you’re not fasting…

Or which exercises will help you torch your stomach fat…

My uplifting community is on standby to assist you whenever you need help on your journey to becoming Superwoman!


Join My Forever Fat-Burner Reset Today

In order to access the Forever Fat-Burner Reset, you’ll need to join my Reset Academy.

So you don’t just get head-turning results from this life-changing 15-Day Program…

Because as long as you’re a member of my Reset Academy…

You get unrestricted access to:

  • ALL my current (and future!) courses and events
  • Follow-along workouts
  • Uncensored discussions about fasting, health, and other topics “too hot” for my social media channels!

The cost to invest in my Reset Academy and get priority access to the Forever Fat-Burner Reset is only $200/month.

But here’s the thing…

I’ve packed so many courses, exclusive interviews, and live workouts…

My Reset Academy is practically BURSTING at the seams!

Although you may only be interested in joining my Reset Academy for the Forever Fat-Burner Reset…

When you see how much else you’re getting… You might want to hang around for a few extra months to work through all the content.

Which is why I want to offer you a massive 75% OFF your membership when you sign up to my Reset Academy for a full year

See, the cost to invest in the Reset Academy is $200/month…

Which comes to $2400 for the year.

But when you invest in the full year upfront… The cost of investment is only $600.

A huge 75% saving!

So not only will you have immediate access to my upcoming Forever Fat-Burner Reset...

And plenty of time to work through my transformational courses…

You’ll also have priority access to all the future resets, events, and programs I have planned for 2024!

Enroll in my Forever Fat-Burner Reset right now by hitting the button below to join my Reset Academy today…

And choose either the “Pay Monthly” or “Pay Yearly” option at the checkout:

Yes! I want to join the Fat-Burner Reset!

“Will The Reset Work For ME?”

I know making big decisions can be tough.

You might be wondering whether the Forever Fat-Burner Reset will work for you… And if joining my Reset Academy is a good investment.

So before I continue…

I want to hand the mic over to some current members of my Reset Academy and let them share their experiences:

"I lost weight during this Reset. Energy levels are good and I feel like I'm on a good path again. THANKS to your whole team during this Reset! It was a good one!"

"...With Dr. Mindy I have cured myself of chronic fatigue and joint pain. Again, many thanks for all the knowledge you bring, and keep teaching people!!!"

"Dr. Mindy has got it! It would take years to put all these pieces together! All these hacks…trying to figure all this out on your own would be next to impossible.”

These are just some of the thousands of glowing reports I’ve received from women who’ve told me how the Reset Academy has changed their lives.

Finally, they’ve lost the fat trespassing on their upper arms, thighs, and tummy…

They stopped waking up every morning with rock-bottom energy levels…

And their enhanced mental clarity allows them to enjoy more precious moments with their kids, partners, and friends.

Ready to do the same?

Look forward to easy weight loss, more energy, and restoring the feeling of youth by hitting the button below:

I’m ready to boost my metabolism and burn fat!

Please Read Before Joining the Forever Fat-Burner Reset…

Although you’re free to join my Reset Academy right now…

I don’t recommend fasting if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

I also don't recommend anyone with a serious chronic disease partake in the fast without the support and guidance of your primary physician.

Finally, if you have an eating disorder, you should be guided by the support of your therapist.

Of course, you’re still free to join the Reset Academy, participate in the community, and complete the Forever Fat-Burner Reset at a later date…

Because the “Fasting Insider” calls will give you a greater understanding of your hormones…

And show you the lifestyle you need to embrace for your body to thrive.

But if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have been diagnosed with a medical condition… 

I’m afraid now isn’t the right time to join my Fat-Burner Reset.

Who Is My Forever Fat-Burner Reset For? 

The doors to my Forever Fat-Burner Reset are open to any woman who’s struggling to lose fat… and feels betrayed by “traditional” diet plans.

Women from all walks of life have followed my previous reset programs…

From stay-at-home moms to CEOs of large corporations…

Women who wanted to lose weight…

First-timer fasters… To fasting veterans.

So whoever you are and however much fat you want to burn…

My Forever Fat-Burner Reset slashes the time it takes to achieve your weight loss goal…

While helping you feel happier and more energized so you can be a rock-solid pillar of support to the people closest to you.

And yes… Your husband is more than welcome to join!

A lot of women ask if their husbands are allowed to join the Reset.

Here’s my response – 

Not only is your husband more than welcome to join the Forever Fat-Burner Reset… 

I encourage him to participate!

Plenty of husbands have joined previous Resets… And the women love having extra support at home!

So if your husband expresses an interest in joining you… He’s more than welcome 😊

Yes! I want to join the Fat-Burner Reset!

Undecided About Signing Up?

If you’re on the fence about joining my Reset Academy and getting access to my Forever Fat-Burner Reset… 

I want you to think about something – 

How will you feel in 2 weeks time 
if you DON’T join the Forever Fat-Burner Reset? 

In all honesty… You’ll probably feel exactly the same as you do now. 

So if you’re happy with your body and have zero desire to burn fat… Then great!  


If you’d rather look forward to being 5-10lbs lighter…  

Clothes fit better…  

Clearer-looking skin…  

Sky-high energy levels…  

And having a long-term solution that permanently melts away every last ounce of your unwanted body fat… 

Then joining my Forever Fat-Burner Reset will help you. 

Because when you sign up to my popular weight loss program...  

I’m going to show you metabolism-boosting secrets that will 
help you finally get your weight loss back on track 

Just imagine how much happier you’ll feel when you finally shed the unwanted pounds that have darkened your mood… 

How much happier would you feel when your favorite dress hugs your slimmer body and shows off your beautiful curves? 

Or your partner holding you in his arms and telling you how gorgeous you look? 

Or always having enough energy to give your children the attention they deserve? 

Think how the new level of self-confidence you’ll have could help you excel in your career, on the dating scene… Or even during intimate “bedroom moments”? 

Joining my Forever Fat-Burner Reset is the fastest and easiest way to get all this. 

As a final reminder, here’s what you get when you sign up…  

  • Detailed instructions for the full 15 days 
  • Tips and tricks about adjusting fasting based on your unique body 
  • Access to my 7 live and exclusive “Fasting Insider” calls  
  • Membership to a supportive fasting community  
  • Coaching from my experienced team of experts  

From Day 1, you’ll be welcomed into my supportive community of women who will make you feel at home right away… 

They’ll be there, along with my coaches, to answer any questions you have so you’ll never feel stuck… 

And you’ll get to join me on my LIVE calls to gain deeper insight into the extraordinary world of fasting… And how this lifestyle can help you melt layers of stubborn fat quicker and easier than you could ever imagine. 

If you’ve been searching for the solution to a slimmer body… 

Look no further 

Because my Forever Fat-Burner Reset is all you need to kickstart your metabolism and shift the uncomfortable pounds than make your clothes feel tighter. 

Commit to the Forever Fat-Burner Reset… And in just 15 days and I promise you’ll start seeing results like never before. 

Not just because the boost to your metabolism will spark brand new weight loss… 

But the Forever Fat-Burner Reset will unleash newfound self-confidence that marks a brand new chapter in your life… One where you’re slimmer, happier, sexier, and in full control of your figure. 

Sound good? 

Then throw away the ineffective weight loss plans proven to make fat burning harder…

And join the hundreds of other women ready to transform their bodies with the Forever Fat-Burner Reset today:

Yes! I want to join the Fat-Burner Reset!

Frequently Asked Questions

Read what Resetters are saying...

Courses are only a part of what the Academy offers!
Community is what really sets us apart from other health education platforms.

Carmen G.

"I have been with Dr Mindy for a little over a year now and have found her knowledge and motivational abilities to be very helpful. I have been through lots of challenges over the past 2 years and have appreciated the support of the Reset Academy. I now believe I am living in a miracle, and am working to make it the very best it can be. Thanks so much!"

Maria C.

"I am also completely blown away by what the Reset Academy has to offer and really enjoy the way everything is put together. I have learned so much listening to Dr. Mindy and watching her videos while having fun and feeling super supported by the team and this community. I feel so energetic since starting the Reset (lost 4kg/8,8lbs) and will definitely join the next Reset in January.


"I was one pound shy of my weight loss goal. I was re-couping from Covid and had no real significant drama. I am so thankful!! It's almost been a year with Dr. Mindy and the team. I love the healthy life changes and results I am seeing and feeling! I love the support of the community, knowledge, and lifestyle change. Can't wait to start the Toxin Reset, the next big challenge that I know will be life-changing for me."