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There has never been a more important time for people to learn how to do health. Find out how we're supporting you as a community.


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Here's what Real Resetters have to say about the Reset Academy

Good to be a part of something

Glad to be working on improving my health in this crazy time of Covid, and among the posts of everyone eating junk and watching TV! Emotionally a tough time to, but a great time to learn to be healthy! It was good to be part of something I paid for in order to stick it through for 2 weeks. I lost 5lb, hoped for more, but I'm happy and will continue to use the tools and keep going. I feel good, sleeping well, and was also not as crazy for food on feast, but took the break from counting macros.

- Sandra W.


I finally received my Mojo last night! This morning I am in moderate ketosis!! 1.1 Ketones and 81 Glucose! I'm so excited!! I am breaking fast soon after 17hrs. I love feeling in control of food instead of food controlling me!!!

I have not lost any weight on the scale, but my clothes feel better and my face looks thinner, I'm less irritable, and I know good things are happening!! Let's call these non scale victories!

- Sue S.

Many bonuses

 Before I became a member of the Reset Academy Community, I was a fan of Dr. Mindy via Youtube. I followed Dr. Mindy's and other functional doctors advice to wellness. I have since become a member of Reset Academy Community. I am now in the midst of like minded people who share goals of health and wellness. I am sixty-five years young and I feel fantastic. Thanks to Dr. Mindy and professionals like her. There are many bonus in being involved and belonging to the Reset Academy Community. One I especially enjoy is working out with Dr. Mindy on Saturdays at 0800 (PST).

- Art F.

Everything You Need To Turn Health On

Welcome to Dr. Mindy's exclusive membership group! 

We are extremely excited to offer you this program! If you are looking for group health coaching, cutting edge nutrition information and a positive, supportive community then this academy is for you.

 The Reset Academy has many unique tools available only to our members. Not only will you have access to the ever-expanding Reset Master Class library, but you will get to learn directly from Dr. Mindy. Her monthly interactive live coaching classes are only offered here.

This Academy is designed to empower you by taking your learning to a deeper level and giving you proven ways to reset your health.


Get Easy Access To Power Tools For Health

Group Coaching Class

Two times a month, get your burning questions answered by Dr. Mindy in live Zoom Q+A group coaching calls. Can’t make it live? No worries! All classes are recorded, summarized, and questions can be submitted before hand. BONUS weekly Saturday live HIIT and book club with Dr. Mindy!

14 Transformative Courses

Access exclusive resources with simplicity. Organized in an easy-to-follow structure, these courses, which are not on YouTube, take you step-by-step through Resets, workouts, and more. All designed to help you create a lasting lifestyle of health!


The Reset Academy team is here to help Monday-Friday via email, and on the live group coaching calls. We’ve got you covered if you need help navigating, have general questions, or are looking for a little extra guidance.

Reset Toolbox

All the tools you need curated for you to easily access in one place. Cookbooks, cheatsheets, eBooks, PDF’s and infographics, ready to support your Reset goals.


No more fasting alone. This is a more intimate environment than Dr. Mindy’s social media platforms, providing you a way to connect with other committed Resetters. Variation-specific community sections, discussion tabs on each lesson, and a members-only Fast Training Week.

Research Library

Indexed library of published and vetted studies supporting Dr. Mindy's Reset protocols and recommendations.

Pricing Options

Three different ways to enroll




14 courses stuffed with info on fasting, autophagy, ketobiotic, and cycling.

4 specialized step-by-step Resets

Twice monthly group coaching calls with Dr. Mindy

Dedicated support from our expert Reset Guides

Recipe library with autophagy, ketobiotic, partial fasting, feast day, and more

Reset Toolbox with over 40 downloadable resources

All three of Dr. Mindy's books (The Menopause Reset, The Reset Factor, and The Reset Factor Kitchen Cookbook)

Private Fast Training Week off of social media (no ads, no noise!)

Thriving community of Resetters just as dedicated to health as you are

What you DON'T get:

Access to guided Resets throughout the year (sign up for the yearly subscription to gain access AND save 30% from monthly fees)





Everything in monthly plus...


Commit to a year of building health and save your seat for 4-6 live group Resets throughout the year!

Join other Resetters as a group lead by Dr. Mindy's expert team members. Each guided reset includes additional group coaching calls and support. An unforgettable experience!

14 courses
 stuffed with info on fasting, autophagy, ketobiotic, and cycling.

Twice monthly group coaching calls with me, Dr. Mindy

Dedicated support from our expert Reset Guides

Recipe library with autophagy, ketobiotic, partial fasting, feast day, and more

Reset Toolbox with over 40 downloadable resources

All three of my books (The Menopause Reset, The Reset Factor, and The Reset Factor Kitchen Cookbook)

Private Fast Training Week off of social media (no ads, no noise!)

Thriving community of Resetters just as dedicated to health as you are

Save 30% off monthly





1 robust course stuffed with videos, written explanation, and downloads on fasting, autophagy, ketobiotic, and cycling

5 group coaching calls with Dr. Mindy

Dedicated support from our expert Reset Guides

Meal plan, recipes, and shopping list

Downloadable and printable eBook guide

Private thriving community of Resetters doing this Reset right along with you, day by day

What you DON'T get:
Access to the full Reset Academy 14 courses + group coaching calls + continued expert support



Sign up today and dive into these Resets, resource libraries, and more

The Reset Experience

Month-Long Health Experience Featuring Five Masterclasses 

Recipe Library

Reset Factor Cookbook + Recipes on Autophagy - Partial Fasting - Ketobiotic - Feast Day -

30 Day Immunity Challenge

One small task daily -  foods- fasts - mindset - additional immune health resources - 


Dr Mindy's in depth Webinars covering a variety of topics! 


All Three of Dr. Mindy's Books - Handy guides, graphs, cheat sheets, and charts - Autophagy - Ketobiotic - Fasting - Hormones - Reset protocols

15 Day Metabolic Reset

Lose weight - 4 fasting variations - 2 feasting variations - Difficulty level: easy

Fast Training Week

Archived weeks - targeted goals - 5 days

Workout With Dr. Mindy

HIIT training - cardio - targeted workouts - 15 to 20 minute workouts - suitable for any level - no equipment needed

Group Coaching

Twice monthly - Call calendar - Link to Join - Call Recordings

Reset Research

Fasting studies - autophagy research - microbiome research - the science of science - 

Forever Young Reset

eBook guide - 21 days - recipes/meal plan - shopping list - 7 types of fasts - 2 feasts

21 Day Ketobiotic Reset

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How To Navigate The Reset Academy

Use this text to describe your feature in detail. Visitors enjoy reading well written, descriptive copy about specific features of your product.

This isn't even half of it...

Courses are only a part of what the Academy offers!

Community is what really sets us apart from other health education.



Find a private space to connect with others practicing health

Reset Academy

Our team of Reset Guides are dedicated to supporting the Reset Academy


Autophagy 101 - meal pictures - recipes - experience - expert support -

Water Fasting

Water fasting 101 - water fasting experiences - no food photos please - expert support -


Ketobiotic 101 - recipes - food pictures - experience - expert support -

Fast Training Week

Once a month we train our fasting muscles together. No ads, no noise, no social media. Join the private FTW here! 


Coming soon!

Plant Based

Plant based keto 101 - recipes - food pictures - experience - expert support -

Feast Day

Feasting 101 - hormone build - protein load - recipes - food pictures - expert support -

Book Club

Weekly Zoom discussion after the Saturday workout. Current book: Man's Search For Mealing by Viktor Frankl

Ready to enroll?

Give it a try! We know you'll love it. Money back guarantee 


Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to get started. Included in this email will be important information to follow. If you have additional questions, please email us at: [email protected]

Cancel your membership anytime in your user settings. The yearly membership is fully refundable for the first 30 days, after which a prorated amount will be refunded. Guided Resets are non-refundable because they are very resource and time consuming for our team.

If you cannot attend the live call but have a question for Dr. Mindy, submit your question ahead of time ([email protected]) so it can be answered. These calls are recorded and will be posted for viewing within 24-hours. You will be able to view a summary of the call and navigate to where your question was answered via the call notes.

In any of the community sections, by commenting on lessons, by emailing us at [email protected], or by submitting a question for a group coaching call. Our team is small but mighty. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply!

Our Guided Community Resets are one guided course. The year-long Reset Academy program offers 14 courses, including 4-6 guided Resets a year. It also provides resources such as Dr. Mindy's (3) books, applicable science and studies, twice-monthly group coaching calls, live HIIT workouts with Dr. Mindy, fast training weeks, and incredible community support! Explore the Academy, here:

"I appreciate all the timely information for the world in which we find ourselves, coping with strategies to achieve optimal health during this global pandemic. I joined the Academy in January with 2 goals, to lose weight and to optimize my health. So far I have been successful in both by following Dr. Mindy's program which consists of Diet Variation, Fasting Variation, Group Guidance and Support! Thank you Dr Mindy for creating this community of support!"

Carolynn Warner

Dr. Mindy's Free Platforms

Health education should be accessible for everybody! It's not as easy to follow as the Reset Academy, but Dr. Mindy is always releasing new content.

Public Community

Home of the Fast Training Week, where once a month we stretch our fasting muscles together. The Resetter Collaborative on Facebook is a worldwide group of people practicing health together.


New videos twice a week! Plus Thursday LIVE community Q&A.


Visual learner? Come get Dr.Mindy's daily information-packed posts.


The Resetter Podcast is the newest addition to our family of resources. Dr. Mindy interviews health pros on a wide variety of subjects; from diabetes to mindset.


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