This reset is designed to help you become metabolically flexible.


Different types of fasting on different days “stretches” your metabolism, and lets you explore what style works best for you!


To help the many people who were stressed, losing health, and gaining weight, Dr. Mindy used her clinical experience to lead the very first 15 Day Metabolic Reset in the Resetter Academy.

It worked! We were able to support hundreds of people across the globe who saw their metabolism rev up, energy return, and overall health improve.

Dr. Mindy and her team have created a Free 15-Day Metabolic Reset designed to help you become metabolically flexible.

So many of us are finding it difficult to lose weight even after applying keto and fasting for a significant period of time. 

Now thousands of people just like you have gone through this series of fasting and feasting variations specially arranged for weight loss, and come out the other end transformed with the knowledge and experience to take back control of their health. 

In 15 Days Learn How You Can....


  • Use diet variation to drop weight quickly

  • Learn different types of fasting

    • Low Keto

    • Ketobiotic

    • Autophagy

    • 36 hour water fast

    • 24 hour fast

  • Keep the weight off with a sustainable fasting lifestyle

  • Have a healthy feast day

  • Manage blood sugar with Ketobiotic eating

  • Unstick your weight loss after hitting a plateau

  • Meet your individual health goals by specializing these concepts for your needs

  • Become metabolically flexible

The FREE Metabolic Reset Includes:

Recipe Book

Our recipe book is filled with delicious and creative recipes that will provide your body with the essential fats and nutrients to have a successful fast. It is yours to keep and download! Our recipe book will be your go-to for low-keto, ketobiotic, autophagy, and feasting recipes. 

Metabolic Reset Guide 

This guide is yours to download and keep forever. It is made for you to reference throughout your 15-day reset and stay on track. 

Video Guide

15 day-by-day detailed videos that provide easy-to-follow lessons. We provide you with information to learn about the 7 fasts and how to cycle through them as well as how to have a healthy and beneficial feast day so you are able to reach your specific goals. There's no guesswork here, whether you are a beginner just getting started, or a pro looking to break a stall. 


This is only the beginning!


We believe that health is meant to be done together. Our Academy offers a unique approach to overcome health barriers with constant support and guidance from Dr. Mindy and her Reset Team.  


Community is what really sets us apart from other health education.


What Reset Academy Members are saying...

Good to be a part of something


Glad to be working on improving my health in this crazy time of Covid, and among the posts of everyone eating junk and watching TV! Emotionally a tough time to, but a great time to learn to be healthy! It was good to be part of something I paid for in order to stick it through for 2 weeks. I lost 5lb, hoped for more, but I'm happy and will continue to use the tools and keep going. I feel good, sleeping well, and was also not as crazy for food on feast, but took the break from counting macros.

- Sandra W

I've lost 10 lbs so far!


I started out with Ketones of LO on my KetoMojo! I did get up to a 2.3 one day
I've lost 10 lbs so far and I'm looking to lose a bit more before we feast. Love Ketobiotic and Autophagy fasting! I do love protein but found salads with lots of AVOCADO are great!

-Sue S.

I feel INCREDIBLE!!!! 


I did the Women's Metabolic Reset in September 2019 with what I thought was great success... wt. loss 6-7# and got my ketones over 5 at that time. Well this time I've lost over 16# and got my glucose under 54 and ketones up to 5.9. I must say, my body transformed after 3 days on no animal products. I did NOT know that I could feel this good. OMG!!! Unfortunately, I love BACON so I am torn between Bacon and feeling absolutely incredible!! HGH, Stem Cells, Autophagy my happy place.

-Kathleen E.