Dr. Mindy Pelz

I’m on a mission to teach YOU just how powerful your body was built to be.


Dr. Mindy Pelz is empowering people all over the world to believe in their body’s own healing abilities through fasting, diet variation, removing chemicals from the body, and so much more. Dr. Mindy is a recognized leader in the alternative health world and is the founder of Family Life Wellness, her local clinic that is made to speed up healing and maximize performance. She is also the founder of the Reset Academy, a private group where she and her team help people implement the principals of fasting, keto, and diet variation into their daily lives. She is the host of one of the leading science podcasts, The Resetter Podcast, and the author of three best-selling books, The Menopause ResetThe Reset Factor, and The Reset Kitchen.

Meet the Reset Academy team!

Sequoia Hall

Sequoia is the Reset Academy Manager facilitating all operations and community engagement. He is also the brilliant mind who researches and digs deep into finding the latest science and studies that best help us in our journeys towards ultimate health.

HOBBIES: soccer, cooking, exploring new ideas, being in nature and wild spaces

FUN FACT: Sequoia taught his dog to do math.

Eliza Penaranda

Eliza is the incredible woman who handles our Information Technology in a mulititude of areas: video production and editing, website creation, Reset Academy, strategies, and community engagement are just a few examples of her many talents.

HOBBIES: fitness and exercise!

FUN FACT: She was born in the 90's but she loves 80's music. 

Debbie Hobel

Debbie is a constant presence in every social media platform. She is a vibrant key in community engagement and holds a wealth of knowledge. Her incredible leadership as a Reset Guide in our Community Resets changes lives and mindsets as she positively reinforces the fasting and food variation principles being learned.

HOBBIES: loves to hike, being in nature, gardening, flowers, reading, learning new information, essential oil expert

FUN FACT: Debbie loves to ride motorcyles and can touch the tip of her tongue to her nose.

Rachel Galloway

Rachel is an expert at detoxifying heavy metals and has used that knowledge to heal herself and her family. Her kindness and deep understanding of fasting, food variation, and detoxification makes her an amazing Reset Guide in our Community Resets. Rachel is also a leader and Detox Coach in our Toxin Reset Program.

HOBBIES: professional seamstress, musician, editor

FUN FACT: Rachel is part of a family band called "Danielson Famile." They have recorded 9 studio albums and are still active today. She also has a solo album entitled, "Sing to Your Mountain."