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15-DAY Fat Burner Reset


November 9th - November 23rd 


In 15 days we are going to take you through an incredible experience!


These are the science-based, fat-burning strategies that we are seeing work with the thousands of Resetters we have all over the world!


In this Reset: 

  • You will learn all of the diet variations, fasting, and exercise tricks that we use to help turn our Resetters into fat burners
  • You will go through several different versions of the ketogentic diet
  • You will learn the different lengths of fasts and how to use them best for YOU
  • You will learn & complete, with community help and support, 36-hour water fast.
  • You will learn what it means to re-feed your microbiome after a water fast
  • You will learn how to use protein cycling to use muscles
  • You will learn what foods help balance your hormones


  • You'll get access to some of Dr. Mindy's favorite holiday recipes
  • You'll learn strategies for navigating Holiday gatherings
  • You'll learn how to avoid holiday weight gain
  • You'll learn how to communicate to your loved ones your new lifestyle and eating choices


Join me, and my incredible team who will be your RESET guides through this process! This is a GAME-CHANGING reset for the person who wants to finally turn their body into a fat-burner. 

In Health, Dr. Mindy


Pricing Options

Join us this one time, or for a whole year



Per Year

  • Everything in this Reset and access to ALL GUIDED RESETS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!!! Commit to a year of building health and save your seat for 4-6 live group Resets just like this one throughout the year!
  • 14 courses stuffed with info on fasting, autophagy, ketobiotic, and cycling.
  • Twice monthly group coaching calls with Dr. Mindy
  • Dedicated support from our expert Reset Guides
  • Recipe library with autophagy, ketobiotic, partial fasting, feast day, and more
  • Reset Toolbox with over 40 downloadable resources
  • All three of my books (The Menopause Reset, The Reset Factor, and The Reset Factor Kitchen Cookbook)
  • Private Fast Training Week off of social media (no ads, no noise!)
  • Thriving community of Resetters just as dedicated to health as you are
  • Save 30% off monthly

FAT BURNER RESET (one time guided Reset)


One Time

  • 1 robust course stuffed with videos, written explanation, and downloads on fasting, autophagy, ketobiotic, and cycling
  • 4 group coaching calls with Dr. Mindy
  • Dedicated support from our expert Reset Guides
  • Meal plan, recipes, and shopping list
  • Downloadable and printable eBook guide
  • Private thriving community of Resetters doing this Reset right along with you, day by day

    What you DON'T get:
    Access to the full Reset Academy 14 courses + group coaching calls + continued expert support

Please note that by purchasing, you acknowledge that there are no refunds or transfers available for the course, the Fat Burner Reset.

The Fat Burner Reset Includes

Day-By-Day Details

Every day is clearly laid out in easy-to-follow lessons. Learn about the 7 Fasts, 3 Feasts and how to cycle them to reach your specific goals. No guesswork here, whether you are a beginner just getting started, or a pro looking to break a stall.

78 Page eBook

Your definitive guide to print and keep forever. 15 days detailed from start to finish with visual tools, calendar, written explanations, shopping list, worksheets, and more. All in Dr. Mindy signature “info square” style.

Exclusive Videos

Watch a short video for each day, as well as in-depth videos of Dr. Mindy explaining all the pieces to a fasting lifestyle. See meal examples, hear about the scientific benefits of fasting over time, all organized in sequence in order to build your knowledge.

Optional Recipes & Shipping Lists

Let us count the macros for you! Shop and eat confidently with the recipes  and shopping guide. Snack list included.

4 Q&A Calls with Dr. Mindy

Video chat with Dr. Mindy and our Reset guides  on Thursdays at noon PDT. Can’t make it live? No worries! All calls are recorded and posted within 24 hours! 

Community Support and Guidance

The Reset Team is here to help you with any questions you may have! Have specific questions for Dr. MIndy? We answer them on our live Q&A calls!

What Resetters are saying...

Good to be a part of something


Glad to be working on improving my health in this crazy time of Covid, and among the posts of everyone eating junk and watching TV! Emotionally a tough time to, but a great time to learn to be healthy! It was good to be part of something I paid for in order to stick it through for 2 weeks. I lost 5lb, hoped for more, but I'm happy and will continue to use the tools and keep going. I feel good, sleeping well, and was also not as crazy for food on feast, but took the break from counting macros.

- Sandra W

I've lost 10 lbs so far!


I started out with Ketones of LO on my KetoMojo! I did get up to a 2.3 one day
I've lost 10 lbs so far and I'm looking to lose a bit more before we feast. Love Ketobiotic and Autophagy fasting! I do love protein but found salads with lots of AVOCADO are great!

-Sue S.

I feel INCREDIBLE!!!! 


I did the Women's Metabolic Reset in September 2019 with what I thought was great success... wt. loss 6-7# and got my ketones over 5 at that time. Well this time I've lost over 16# and got my glucose under 54 and ketones up to 5.9. I must say, my body transformed after 3 days on no animal products. I did NOT know that I could feel this good. OMG!!! Unfortunately, I love BACON so I am torn between Bacon and feeling absolutely incredible!! HGH, Stem Cells, Autophagy my happy place.

-Kathleen E.

This isn't even half of it...

Courses are only a part of what the Academy offers!

Community is what really sets us apart from other health education.



Incredible - Worth every penny and then some! 

"This course blew my expectations out of the water. As someone who is not brand new to keto or fasting, I learned several large textbooks worth of information! Dr. Mindy gives you so much information that you come away with a tool box of protocols that can heal you, help you lose weight (if that is your goal), grow muscle, and optimize your health and immunity. Our body's truly are miracles and I am grateful for this knowledge. Being a member of the Resetters is one of the best financial decisions I have made this year. "

- Thandi Clements


To help the many people who were stressed, losing health, and gaining weight, Dr. Mindy used her clinical experience to lead the very first 15 Day Fat Burner Reset in the Resetter Academy.

It worked! We were able to support hundreds of people across the globe who saw their metabolism rev up, energy return, and overall health improve.

Now thousands of people just like you have gone through this series of fasting and feasting variations specially arranged for weight loss, and come out the other end transformed with the knowledge and experience to take back control of their health.