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Fasting 101: Start Your First Fast 
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If you haven’t started fasting because you feel lost in a sea of information…

I get it.

There are COUNTLESS books, articles, podcasts, and videos where experts discuss the fasting lifestyle.

But with so many conflicting thoughts and ideas…

You may feel like pulling your hair out in frustration because you STILL haven’t got a clear answer about the right way to start fasting for your unique body.

That’s why I created
“Fasting 101”

This is my FREE 11-page guide that strips fasting back to the raw fundamentals.

Fasting 101 is simple, easy-to-understand, and you can read the entire guide in under 4 minutes!

You’ll discover the fasting strategies that have helped literally hundreds of thousands of women trim excess fat from their stomachs…

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  • How to KILL HUNGER and stop a grumbling stomach sabotaging your fast (page 4)
  • My favorite strategy to build more muscle… A proven way to spark a lightning-quick metabolism and burn MORE unwanted fat 🔥(page 4)
  • My fast-breaking secrets for improved gut health… SUPER important if you struggle with digestive issues (page 4)
  • My “What Breaks A Fast” formula… This is my sneaky trick that shows you how to eat and drink while fasting WITHOUT being pulled from a fasting state (page 6)
  • The critical WARNING sign that you MUST break your fast immediately (NOTE: I don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ fasting formulas… And this is an important example of how I teach individualized fasting plans) (page 9)

Hey! I’m Dr. Mindy…

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EASILY Get Started On A Fasting Lifestyle

In the last 20 years, I’ve whittled down the fasting lifestyle into easy-to-understand principles…

Which is how I’ve successfully helped over 100,000 women across the world balance their hormones, burn stubborn fat, and finally feel “at peace” with their bodies.

And now I want to share these principles with YOU.

I’m on a mission to make fasting as easy as possible for every woman on the planet…

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Fasting 101 reveals the fundamentals used by women from all walks of life… From Academy Award-Winning actresses to stay-at-home moms.

By using fasting to unlock their body’s natural healing powers… 

These incredible women finally regained control of their lives… And stopped feeling at the mercy of their hormones.

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