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Discover How My Community Of Fasting “Resetters” Can Help You –
  • Elevate your metabolism and burn fat 24/7 at ANY age
  • Knock years off your appearance rewinding your “body clock”... Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles!
  • Defeat ravenous cravings that wreck your concentration and ability to stay on the path to weight loss
  • Overcome “nightmare” PMS symptoms
  • Unlock deep, restful sleep every night… Feel your energy soar as you wake up every morning!
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Here’s Why You Struggle To Lose Weight
As You Get Older

Every person on the planet has a natural fat-burning mechanism hardwired into their body… Including YOU!

Trouble is, research reveals modern lifestyles–loaded with stress, toxins, and low-quality foods– turn this mechanism off.

And although weight loss “experts” preach the importance of counting calories and adhering to the widely discredited food pyramid…

These do nothing but further turn down your fat-burning powers!

But when you eat the way
your body was designed to eat…

And have the perfect daily balance of “fasting windows” and “eating windows”...

You’ll finally activate your body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms and sculpt a slimmer waistline faster than you can imagine!

That’s Why I Created My “Reset Academy”…

To help women like YOU safely sculpt the body of your dreams using the fasting lifestyle!

My Reset Academy shows you how to create an easy-to-follow fasting lifestyle that taps into your body’s natural healing powers.

Not only will you burn fat like crazy… You’ll also enjoy –

  • Sky-high energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Enhanced mental clarity (no more horrible “brain fog”!)
  • A revived libido
  • Clearer, younger-looking skin

The second you join, my buzzing community of supportive women and expert coaches will welcome you with open arms.

This rock star group of “Resetters” will empower you to regain control of your body and start feeling like YOU again.

But the community and coaching are just the tip of the iceberg!

Here’s a peek at some of the other benefits –

Join my weekly “Coffee Chats”... Where I share my uncensored thoughts about health, life, mindset, philosophy… And just about anything else on my mind to help you stay on the cutting edge of scientific fat-burning!

Torch your stomach fat in my weekly Live Workouts… Get the motivation you need to tighten your muscles and sculpt a breathtaking figure.

Expand your fasting knowledge my Live Resets… Get support from my awesome coaches while you experiment with more advanced fasting protocols.

Plus, when you dive into my vault of training courses, you’ll discover secrets like: -

  • My “after dinner trick” you can do every evening for better sleep quality (super important if you’ve eaten carbs!) [Upleveling Your Sleep Course]
  • How SITTING IN YOUR CAR could be the reason you’re inexplicably gaining weight… Sounds crazy, but other experts agree with me on this! [Fast Training Week - Mastering The 36-Hour Fast]
  • A weird “outdoors” trick that increases immune-supporting bacteria in your body in just 3 minutes [30-Day Immunity Challenge]
  • 2 things you can do right away to rewind your body’s aging clock… You don’t need any equipment and it’ll take just a few minutes… [19-Day Anti-Aging Program]
  • The one time you must NEVER fast… Doing so will TANK your hormones (this is why ‘fasting like a man’ will fail you!) [Fast Training Week - Intermittent Fasting]

To be honest, these membership benefits
merely scratch the surface…

So why not hit the button and take a look at everything included inside the Reset Academy?

Yes! I want to see EVERYTHING in the Reset Academy!

Our Most Popular Courses

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Forever Fat-Burner Reset

In this Reset, you will learn how to unlock your body's natural ability to burn fat, and adopt eating and fasting strategies that allow you to be an efficient fat-burner.

Upleveling Your Sleep

A course for those of you that are ready to up-level your sleep. Learn the tools and tricks to getting better sleep. 

Maximizing Your Muscle Course

In this course, you will learn how to effectively create a fasting lifestyle that has you building muscle. 

Food & Fasting Fundamentals

In this course you will learn the fundamental concepts to build a fasting lifestyle.

Mastering Ketosis

In this course you will learn the fundamental concepts needed to master ketosis.. 

The Fasting Circle©

Learn how to build a fasting lifestyle around your hormonal cycle! 

Understanding & Managing Menopause

A course for any woman going through peri-menopause, menopause, or post-menopause.

Reset Academy Global Community

Health should be done in a community! 

Just Imagine How You Could Feel In Just
A Few Months From Now

Finally fitting into your favorite outfit…

Sleeping deeply and peacefully throughout the night…

And seeing the years slowly fall away from your body.

My Reset Academy makes the fasting lifestyle
easier than you can imagine

So don’t waste another second feeling unhappy about how you look or feel.

Discover how the fasting lifestyle is a shortcut to the best possible version of yourself –

Ready to sculpt the body of your dreams?